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Renewable Energy Credits

Use up to 100% Renewable Energy to power your home or business with Renewable Energy Credits (REC), also known as “Green Tags.”

  • Receive the same reliable and affordable energy.
  • Promotes future regional renewable projects.
  • Adds value to your products and services.
  • Easily attain environmental goals.
  • No specialized equipment needed.
  • Power comes from various renewable sources.
  • Showcase your support for renewable energy.

What are RECs?

RECs are certificates that transfer the “renewable” aspects of renewable energy to the enrolled member-owner. In other words, RECs represent the valuable renewable attributes of wind and solar energy. 

One megawatt-hour produced by a renewable energy source equals one REC.

Where Do RECs Come From?

RECs come from the local wind and solar farms that provide energy to your local Touchstone Energy® Cooperative. A few of these include Crow Lake Wind, The Chamberlain Turbines, Day County Wind Farm and the South Dakota Wind Project. 

Contact your local Touchstone Energy® Cooperative to learn more and enroll.

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