Energy Source

Where Does Electricity Come From?

Electricity’s journey from source to switch begins with generating electricity through coal, wind, natural gas or hydroelectric dams. And our electric grid, or infrastructure, brings that electric current right to your home.

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Spring Into Safety

As spring returns and melts ice and snow, many homeowners return to outdoor chores. Before you work outside, your local Touchstone Energy Cooperative reminds you to keep electrical safety in mind.

03 2020

Electricity Remains a Good Value

The cost of powering your home rises at a slower pace than many of your typical expenses. Compare the average price increase each year over the last five years, and the value of electricity shines.

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Watch Out This Winter

Blizzard. Ice Storm. Polar Vortex. Here in the Northern Plains we get ALL the winter weather!

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Use Caution When Using Back-Up Generators

If installed and operated correctly, use of standby or portable electric generators poses little danger. Improper installation or use could be dangerous to you and threaten the lives of your family, friends, neighbors and electric utility crews trying to restore service.