Three Energy Efficiency Facts You Might Not Know

Summer is upon us and the battle to beat the heat without breaking the bank is underway. Here are a few quick tips that you might not know to help you keep your chill without increasing your bill.

Remember Your Ducts

Households can lose nearly 20 percent of their cooled air through the duct system. Be sure to inspect and insulate!

Plant A Tree

When it comes to your rural property, saving money is no happy accident. Well-planned landscaping can save you more than $250 per year. Planting trees and shrubs to help shade south and west windows and walls from the sun will help with summer efficiency.

Scoot That Lamp

Your thermostat is sensitive. It can detect heat from lamps, TVs, fans and more. Move all appliances away from the thermostat to avoid your air conditioner running longer than it has to.

Your local Touchstone Energy Cooperative is a hub for useful summer savings ideas. Give them a call to learn more!