Energy Tips for May


The days are getting longer, the air is getting warmer, flowers are in bloom and our energy-saving tips for May are here!

1. Reverse course.

In the summer, set your ceiling fan to turn counterclockwise. This will pull warm air up to the top of the room and help you keep cool without turning on the air conditioning. Speaking of the AC...

2. Tune it up before you turn it on.

It can cost you extra to cool your home if your HVAC isn’t running properly. An air conditioning checkup can save you money all season long.

3. Skip the drips.

If you have leaky faucets, your money is literally going down the drain. In fact, one drip per second can add up to 165 gallons per month.

4. Dusting for dollars.

Dust keeps electronics from working at full capacity. If your refrigerator has exposed coils, brush and vacuum them to increase efficiency and reduce future repairs. While you’re at it…

5. Here’s a bright idea.

Clean your dirty light fixtures and bulbs too. Dusty bulbs and fixtures provide less light but use just as much energy. Improve their efficiency with the wave of a rag.

Come back each month for more energy-efficient, money-saving tips!