Co-op's Vote

Co-op's Vote

Tomorrow, Americans will head to the polls and cast our votes in thousands of races from President of the United States all the way to local school board. Each office on the ballot is important to us.

Those leaders will be responsible for countless decisions – some large, some small – that will affect us and our communities.

To inform their actions, they'll gather feedback from trusted sources. They'll consider various points of view and different arguments. And they will think about the constituents they were elected to serve.

No one knows those people, and those communities, better than the electric cooperatives that serve them, too. And for us to have the greatest possible relevance after the election, we must also have the greatest possible relevance before the election. We have to make sure we and our neighbors vote.

It's the only way to assure that our priorities are shared by the leaders we choose in this election.

We need an energy policy that allows electric cooperatives to evolve and innovate in ways that ensure reliability, reflect local needs and keep costs reasonable. We need affordable access to true high speed broadband service. We need economic development programs that harness the many strengths of rural America to help our communities and our country.

Your vote -- in this election and every election -- is the most powerful tool you have to achieve these goals. No matter which candidates win and lose, the political clout of rural America is guaranteed a victory if co-op voters show up in force.

Election Day is more than just our chance to vote for the candidates we like. It's our chance to vote for the communities we love.

I encourage everyone, regardless of their political beliefs, to join me and millions of others in the co-op family in this national effort. Let’s stand up for the priorities of the rural electric co-op community on November 8.