Five Quick Tips: Lowering Energy Use For Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you’ve got a lot on your plate. When it comes to saving on energy costs, consider these five quick tips to help you achieve maximum efficiency!

  1. Fully adopt laptops
    Laptops use significantly less energy than desktop models. One desktop may use anywhere from 60-250 watts, where a laptop only uses 14-45 watts.
  2. Require sleep mode
    Computers use almost nothing for electricity when in sleep mode, about 1-6 watts. Be sure all employees are required to shut down or put their computers to sleep each day after work.
  3. Show old exit signs the door
    As a business, you’re legally required to have fully functioning exit signs at all times. According to, many exit signs in today’s buildings are older and require frequent maintenance due to the short life span of the lamps that light them. Many of these signs consume over 350 kilowatt-hours and cost $28 each annually to operate. That adds up!

    Consider replacing them with LED signs to save a considerable amount of energy, greatly reduce carbon dioxide pollution and extend your time between required maintenance by up to 10 years. This up-front investment will save you in the long run. You can learn more here.

  4. Get smart with your thermostat
    In the summer, try setting your thermostat between 78 and 80 degrees during business hours and above 80 while employees are out. In the winter, try between 65 and 68 during business hours and 60 to 65 while unoccupied. Even older thermostats are programmable so you don’t forget to adjust the temperature, but getting a smart thermostat makes remembering and saving a lot easier.

    Installing a smart thermostat in your office can potentially save you hundreds depending on your current energy habits. With many different features and capabilities to choose from, upgrading to a smart device today will help you continue to understand your energy use and save for years to come.

  5. Consider Energy Star® for everything
    Remember that the Energy Star logo means more money in your pocket. So many things in your business have the potential to be upgraded. Work to upgrade all of your appliances, electronics and fixtures over time. Remember to check for the Energy Star logo on computers, printers, copiers, refrigerators, televisions, windows, thermostats, ceiling fans, exit signs and more!

Contact your local Touchstone Energy® Cooperative to discuss available energy audits for your small business as well as money-saving rebates on appliances and building upgrades! Together we are re-energizing efficiency.